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The leading equipment for professional use in 200 and 300 mm wafer processing in semiconductor technology. SURFTENS WH 300 is equipped with a 3 axis wafer robot, wafer scanner, loadport for 200 and/or 300 mm wafers, fan filter unit, notching system. Suitable for any cleanroom class it features the automatic mapping of contact angles on wafers for up to 25 wafers.
New: with SECS/GEM Interface!


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Product video

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Product Description

Product video

Product video SURFTENS WH 300

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Product Description

SURFTENS WH 300 is a fully automatic contact angle measuring instrument, equipped with 3-axis wafer handling robot, loadport for 300mm wafers and complete functionality as requesetd in 300mm wafer technology.

Since 2020 a SECS/GEM interface is implemented.


The SECS / GEM interface supports the semi-standards E30, E84 / 87, E90, E40 and E94 and thus enables control jobs, process jobs, substrate tracking, carrier management and the OHT connection.




3 user levels

connection to SPC via network interface card

operating system Windows XP/7

automatic loadport recognition

automatic recognition of slot occupancy

automatic measurement recipes assigned to certain load port (recipe mix up between different wafer sizes is avoided)

slot integrity is warranted

notching before measurement

Measurement data will be stored on local disc – any backup storage on network server will be organized by customer

LAN compatible

Client software for result evaluation on office PC is included

Manual operation mode (via joystick)


Automatic, motorized dosing and drop placement System

10 ml Syringe for one media (DI-water)

Tank for DI water with automatic refill of syringe

Programmable droplet size

Automatic placement of the droplet on the wafer, movement for droplet placement is programmable

System capable for measurements with second liquid

Image: Tool inside setup showing wafer roboter and dosing system


Tool/Software supports free definable measurement maps

The whole wafer surface for 12« must be in reach for the dispense system (excluding edge area)

Complete automatic measurement (FOUP -› droplet placement -› measurement -› droplet removal -› FOUP)


Wafer handling capability for 12« wafer / and or 8« wafers

System guarantees slot integrity

Manual focus system, OEG provides detailed instruction for focus adjustment

OEG provides concept for maintenance, spare parts, complete users guide

OEG provides instruction for change of syringe

Wafer chuck only defined by measurement characteristics

Air pressure, vacuum, exhaust is provided by customer

Customer provides 300mm wafers plus FOUPs for development system setup

After measurement liquid will be evaporated by hotplate (optional)

Work place contains keyboard and mouse


Configuration - unit description:


1) Wafer handling system


3-axis wafer handling robot

FOUP opening system 300 mm

Loadport (OCL) 200 mm

Laser scanner

Vacuum endeffector

Notching system


2) SURFTENS contact angle measuring module


3-axis-step motor

stepping motor driven wafer table

automatic dispense system

automatic droplet positioning (teachable)

CCD camera with optics

Fan Filter Unit (FFU, on customer request)


Technical Parameters for contact angle measurement

Contact angle measuring device SURFTENS 300 WH for the fully automatic measurement of the wetting behavior of solids (e.g. wafers or glass substrates for flat panel displays) under clean-room conditions, as well as for series tests and systematic analysis. The SURFTENS automatic enables the reduction of subjective factors and time involved for contact angle measurements in research, quality- and production inspection.

SURFTENS 300 WH features the software-controlled measurement and analysis of:

contact angle according to the sessile drop method,

the wetting behavior on solid surfaces

the surface free energy of solids and their components