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Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

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Example: SURFTENS WH 300 – the most capable contact angle meter for 300mm semiconductor technology! Customers: Infineon Technologies / IBM / Globalfoundries

The company OEG was created 1991.

Since then OEG GmbH develops and produces iamge processing based optical measuring instruments for industry and research.

Our core competences

development of basic principles

optics design

mechanical design and construction

software development

assembly, adjustment and calibration

These processes take place completely inside OEG GmbH.

In the field of mechanical manufacturing we cooperate closely with local suppliers.

Our service staff is able to provide installations, training and service worldwide.

We also cooperate with reliable partners in many countries.


Operational areas

Optical measuring technologies are used increasingly industry-spreading. Therefore the operational areas of the OEG measuring instruments are not limited to certain industries. Our customers come e.g. from the semiconductor industry, the optical industry, the glass production, the beverage can manufacturing, mechanical engineering and many other ranges.

Special knowledge

OTS 500 - Optics test station with extremely large measuring range for EFL, BFL, Radius

The OEG GmbH has special knowledge and experience e.g. in the following areas:

measurement of optical parameters (MTF, focal length, Radius, back focal length, imaging quality, deflection angle), application of autocollimators, angle measurement

applications of autocollimations for the measurement of machine geometry, surface form and for the optics manufacturing

microscopy, in particular measuring and video microscopes

image processing systems, digital micro photography

measurement of contact angle and surface tension

automation of measuring expirations by motor controls and roboter handling systems

measuring instruments for drawing dies and punches in the beverage can manufacture and for drawing dies in the wire production

General principle of OEG GmbH

OEG GmbH is an owner-managed enterprise, the company founder Dr.-Ing Stephan Rothe and Dr.-Ing Ulrich Glaubitz grant since 1991 personally for the high quality of our products and services

In close cooperation with our customers we keep our products on always on highest technical level

The company OEG produces optical metrology systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters

The company OEG offers products and services for affordable prices and acts as active partner of our customers


Measuring tasks

Our instruments solve for example the following measuring tasks:

Contact angle and surface tension

all kinds of optical parameters

straightness. flatness, machine geometry

distance, angle, radius, area, blob analysis, critical dimension

Diameter, roundness, concentricity of ironing rings and punches, particularly for beverage can manufacture

Diameter and roundness of drawing dies for wire production

Thickness, Slope, Curvature of transparent objects like Wafers, flat panels or car glasses

RINGMASTER-the standard for accuracy for diameter measurement of drawing dies in beverage can manufacture

surface form

deflection angle

We offer

advisory activities, feasibility studies

development, production and installation of special measuring instruments

standard products for many instrumentation applications

measurement services for MTF, Contact angle