Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

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    • Optics Test Equipment

    • measuring systems for drawing dies and punches

    • drawing die and wire measurement

    • Contact angle measuring systems

    • Micro scriber, Wafer contact angle, wafer stress measurement

    • Straightness, Flatness, positioning uncertainty by autocollimator

    • Measuring microscopes, Image processing

    • Flatness, Bow, Warp, curvature, glass thickness

    • Measuring systems for image intensifier tubes (IIT)

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Teamviewer download



Step 1: Click the download button to call the TeamViewer homepage

and download the current version from the TeamViewer download area.



Step 2: When the download is complete, copy the file to your desktop and start it.


For service connection you can use it without installation.


Contact the OEG stuff or your IT in case of questions.


Step 3: Pass the visible ID and password to us via phone call or email.