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News about OEG and our product developments


Semiconductor Technology

optical industry

2-piece canmaking

Semiconductor Technology



01.01.2020: New generation of SURFTENS WH 300 now with SECS/GEM Interface available!

SURFTENS WH 300 is the worldwide unique contact angle measuring system with wafer robot and SECS/GEM interface for use in 300mm semiconductor technology

The SURFTENS WH 300 is the professionell solution for the measurement of contact angle and surface free energy in 300mm-Wafer-Fab’s worldwide!




From 2020 the SURFTENS WH 300 will be available with SECS/GEM Interface, which was developed by OEG GmbH in 2019!


This underlines our leading position in this area in the semiconductor sector.




Watch video SURFTENS WH 300



optical industry

30.03.2020: New Testing Systems for Micro Optics

MTF Micro: Measurement of the MTF of micro optics on the axis and in the image field for 100% control in production, simultaneous measurement of the focal length, measurement time 10 seconds!

MTF Micro

OTS Micro: Optics Test Station for Micro Optics
Measurement of EFL in the range of 0,1mm to 6mm with 1micron accuracy, alsy for cylindrical optics

OTS Micro


30.12.2019: MTF Master 200: Test system for sensor optics with short EFL and large object angle

The MTF Master 200 is the ideal solution for MTF measurements on small lenses with large object angles, as are increasingly used in the automotive sector.





MTF Master 200


Watch product video


30.11.2019: Infrared Autocollimator EAC 500/65 IR

The EAC 500 / 65 IR is specially designed for IR wavelength. The standard wavelength is 1550nm. The system can be adapted to other wavelengths in the range 900nm to 1700nm.



The system works very accurate by using the image processing software CROSSDETECT.

The resolution is 0,1 arcsec, the accuracy is 1 arcsec.



Download PDF EAC 500/65 IR

2-piece canmaking

30.6.2020: 2. Generation of Ringmaster

Since the market launch of RINGMASTER, it has been synonymous with measuring accuracy, reliability and user-friendliness when measuring drawing dies in 2-piece beverage can production worldwide!

In 2019, technical details of the two RINGMASTER versions were revised and further improved.
In this way we guarantee an even safer function and more ease of use!