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Products > measuring systems for beverage can manufacture

RINGMASTER - the standard for accuracy

The Ringmaster serves for the highly accurate measurement of inside and outside diameter, roundness and concentricity of …



PUNCHMASTER-the master tool for punch measurement in beverage can manufacture

Optical, non-contact measurement of outside diameter, outside contour, step, step-contour and transition parameters of p …



URP 100: universal gauge for ironing rings, punches, necking dies and knockouts

URP is the universal measuring system for rings and punches, special designed for 2-piece beverage can manufacture.



RICOS - specialized ring contour gauge for drawing dies

Special designed for measurement of inside profile (land angles) of ironing dies for 2-piece beverage can manufacture, t …




Comfortable fatigue free inspection of inside surface quality and properties of ironing dies and outside surface of punc …




To ensure the high measuring accuracy of RINGMASTER and PUNCHMASTER also under rough environmental conditions, a special …



OTP – Optical Tool Profile Gauge

Optical measuring system for the inside profile of drawing dies for the 2-piece can manufacture