Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

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    • measuring systems for beverage can manufacture

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    • Meters for Contact angle and surface tension

    • Semiconductor technology, Micro scriber

    • Measurement of Straightness, Flatness, positioning uncertainty of round tables

    • Measuring microscopes, Image processing

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    • Measuring systems for night vision systems

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Products > Measuring microscopes, Image processing

Measuring microscopes

Image processing software for dimensional measurements, motorized measuring microscopes and fully automatic measuring ma …




Image processing system



Optomechanics & scientific instruments

development and assembly of opto-mechanical building groups, including software development




Precision micro diamond scriber MR200

Precision micro diamond scriber MR 200 for exact manual scribing for defined cutting of structured silicon wafers



DMS-M: Low Cost high accurate Drawing Die Measuring System

Drawing Die Measuring System with motorized focusing



Line width measurement

COMEF is an image processing software with special functions for the highly accurate measurement of line width and line  …



Easy low cost wire drawing die measuring microscope

Simple optical measuring system for diameter and ovality of wire drawing dies with image processing software