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Products > Optics Test Equipment

MTF Test Systems for industry and research

The modulation tranfer function is an objective criteria for the imaging quality of optics. OEG GmbH provides a comprehe …



OTS - Optics Test Stations for single lenses and optical systems

The Optics Test Stations OTS 200 and OTS 500 are measuring systems for all classical optical parameters like EFL (focal  …



IR Autocollimator

Electronic Infrared-Autocollimator was specially designed for the spectral range 1550 nm with electronic image evaluatio …



Wireless autocollimator with WiFi



Alignment autocollimator with motorized internal focus

Electronic alignment autocollimator with motorized internal focus



New! CLM – Cylindrical Lens Measuring System

CLM is a measuring system for geometrical parameters of cylindrical lenses for use in serial production.



Software for upgrading of visual autocollimators - CROSSDETECT

Small investment-big effort: CROSSDETECT serves for the upgrade of all kind of visual autocollimators, which can be equi …



Measuring services and customized solutions

Using our very good equipped laboratory, OEG GmbH offers numerous services for measurement and development of customized …



Electronic Autocollimator

OEG GmbH specializes in the use of autocollimators, collimators and telescopes for special applications in optical measu …



Wedge angle scanner for car windshields

Scanning of complete car windshields for measurement of wedge angle and thickness distribution, in particular in the HUD …



Mobile Wedge Angle Sensor with positioning system

Mobile wedge angle sensor WAS-P for exact measurement of wedge angle and radius of curvature of glass panes, e.g. of win …



Optomechanics & scientific instruments

development and assembly of opto-mechanical building groups, including software development




Optics test station for optics with extremely short focal lengths of 0.1mm-6mm and a measurement accuracy of 1µm




Evaluation of complex lens assemblies and lens alignment for cementing process without rotation



f-number measuring system

f-number measuring system



Mobile Wedge angle sensor WAS 160

Portable sensor for measurement of radius and wedge angle. Application: windshields of cars, helicopters, airplanes



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Mirror Collimator & Autocollimator

Mirror collimator and autocollimator for the entire wavelength range from UV to MIR