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Products > Optics Test Equipment

MTF Test Systems for industry and research

The modulation tranfer function is an objective criteria for the imaging quality of optics. OEG GmbH provides a comprehe …



OTS - Optics Test Stations for single lenses and optical systems

The Optics Test Stations OTS 200 and OTS 500 are measuring systems for all classical optical parameters like EFL (focal  …



MTF Master 200

MTF measuring system for object angles 2w=200°, fully automatic, freely programmable, for all optics with short EFL



Test Systems for Micro Optics

High accurate measuring systems for focal length and MTF of micro optics, EFL-range 0,1mm to 6mm



MTF test bench for image intensifier tubes (IIT) and Night Vision Devices (NVD)

The MTF MASTER NVD was specially designed to measure the MTF of Night Vision Devices (NVD) and of Image Intensifier Tube …



Software for upgrading of visual autocollimators - CROSSDETECT

Small investment-big effort: CROSSDETECT serves for the upgrade of all kind of visual autocollimators, which can be equi …



New! CLM – Cylindrical Lens Measuring System

CLM is a measuring system for geometrical parameters of cylindrical lenses for use in serial production.



Electronic Autocollimator

Visual autocollimator of Moeller-Wedel, equipped with megapixel camera and highly accurate evaluation software, numerous …



IR Autocollimator

Electronic Infraed-Autocollimator was specially designed for the spectral range 1550 nm with electronic image evaluation …



MTF-Explorer, Software for MTF-Measurement

Software for measurement of modulation transfer function (MTF), LSF and ESF. The live MTF measurement offers numerous fi …



Pentatest: inline MTF measurement and active alignment

Real time MTF measurement for automatic lens assembly by robot and active alignment of camera modules



Measuring services and customized solutions

Using our very good equipped laboratory, OEG GmbH offers numerous services for measurement and development of customized …




Evaluation of complex lens assemblies and lens alignment for cementing process without rotation



f-number measuring system

f-number measuring system



MTF-Measurement for Endoscopes

Manual measureng system for endoscope MTF for all kind of lens / eyepiece angles



Wedge angle sensor WAS 160

Portable sensor for measurement of radius and wedge angle. Application: windshields of cars, helicopters, airplanes



Wedge angle scanner for car windshields

Scanning of complete car windshields for measurement of wedge angle and thickness distribution, in particular in the HUD …



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