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Evaluation of complex lens assemblies and lens alignment for cementing process without rotation


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Video: Cementing without rotation



LensTest – Software Module for OTS 200 Optics Test Station

Optics Test Station OTS 200 with Software Module LensTest can measure Air Gap, Lens Center Thickness and Centering Error of Lens Surfaces in Lens Assemblies

The Software LensTest serves for the evaluation of assembled optical systems and error analysis

LensTest is a standalone software, which can be used for example in connection with the OTS 200 hardware.

Additional mechanical hardware (like adapters) might be necessary.



-Contactless measurement of positions of surfaces in complex optical systems (assembled)

-Measurement of air gap of lenses in complex optical systems (assembled)

-Measurement of center thicknesses of lenses in complex optical systems (assembled)

-Measurement of centering (centering error) of lenses in complex optical systems (assembled)



LensTest provides the following measuring functions:

-air gap of lens surfaces

-lens center thicknesses


-centering error of lens surfaces in assembled optical systems.


For all these measuring tasks an essential problem appears: each lens surface and each lens center of curvature appears only as image. The position of the image is influenced from all lens surfaces, located before the surface under test. The software package LensTest solves this problem. LensTest calculates the expected position of each lens surface from the optical design data of the assembled optical system. The design data must be known and were read in from LensTest.

An automatic scan captures all reflexes and assigns a lens surface or center of curvature to the according reflex. That allows the comparison of expected and actual position of a reflex and respectively the quality of the assembled optics.

For the calculation of the positions of the centers of curvature, the decentering of the previous surfaces are considered.

For the calculation of the centering error, the lens don’t need to be rotated!


LensTest considers the measuring wavelenght and recalculates the design data accordingly.


LensTest allows in connection with the OTS-Hardware the fast, easy and inexpensive test of assembled optics.


Video: Cementing without rotation

Cementing of achromats and precise centering without rotation