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Products > Measuring systems for night vision systems > MTF test bench for image intensifier tubes (IIT) and Night Vision Devices (NVD)

The MTF MASTER NVD was specially designed to measure the MTF of Night Vision Devices (NVD) and of Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT)


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Technical data


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MTF Master IIT



The IIT & NVD test bench serves for the measurement of the modulation transfer function (MTF) of complete night vision devices (NVD) and of image intensifier tubes (IIT). Additionally some important parameters of the IIT’s like gain or display brightness can be measured.

Mechanical-optical setup

The mechanical-optical construction includes two basic building groups, which were mounted on a breadboard: 1.) the MTF NVD building group and 2.) the MTF IIT building group .


Both building groups are controlled by a common computer.

For operation, the light tight housing is needed.

The light tight housing has 2 windows, which can be opened to exchange the samples. In case of opening a window, the power supply for the NVD/IIT is automatically switched off.


The MTF MASTER IIT & NVD performs automatic, software controlled measurement of MTF of NVD & IIT.



Technical data

MTF-Accuracy: ±0.04

MTF repeatability: ±0.02

Measuring direction: Horizontal / vertical

Measuring principle: Image evaluation of an edge or a line tangential /sagittal

Frequency Range: 0…..200 lp/mm


For more information please contact OEG GmbH.