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Precision micro diamond scriber MR 200 for exact manual scribing for defined cutting of structured silicon wafers


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Now included in standard configuration: 200mm digital gauge for table position!




Product video

Product description

Download PDF

Product video

Product description


The setup and the equipment of MR 200 enable high precision scribing for defined cutting of structured silicon wafers. The MR 200 is an indispensable tool, in particular for REM preparations in semiconductor technology. The MR 200 is also suited for singling of chips in low numbers, for example in laboratory use.



The mechanical basic setup offers numerous options for the adjustment of the scribing parameters. The high quality zoom optics allows a stepless adjustment of magnification from 8x to 40x.

Optics and mechanics can be expanded with auxiliary moduls to increase the efficiency and operating comfort.

Such modules are for example a camera system, an image processing system, digital gauges for measurement of table movement.

The MR 200 offers numerous adjustment options

Digital gauge for measurement of table position, 100mm measuring range

Digital gauge for measurement of table position, 200mm measuring range




Adjustable work angle for scribing diamond

The high quality zoom microscope allows a stepless change between overview and detailed representation of the specimen surface. The specimen is positioned with high accuracy, using the fine adjustment of the x/y-stage.

The set off point of the scribing diamond can be adjusted. The eyepiece haicross marks the set off point.

A video system is optional available available. So the wafer can be observed on the monitor of the PC.

Microscope image at magnification 8x

Microscope image at magnification 40x


Technical parameters

A detailed description of MR 200 with all technical parameters you can download as PDF file.


Download PDF


Product data sheet as PDF