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Automatic measuring instrument for contact angle and free surface energy with motorized pump, automatic drop placement and motorized specimen table (200 x 200) mm.


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SURFTENS automatic 1D Video

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SURFTENS automatic





SURFTENS-automatic (200 x 200) with motorized dosing unit and automatic, motorized drop placement


The contact angle measuring system »SURFTENS-automatic« is designed for use in semiconductor industry and research, in particular for process control of wafer coating and in the photolithographic process. It is also suited for all kind of flat specimen like glass subtsrates or foils. The measuring field is (200 x 200)mm.

It is characterized by the following features:

fully automatic contact angle mappings

space-saving construction

motorized x/y stage for automatic specimen positioning

motorized, automatic dispensation system

freely definable measuring templates

comfortable documentation of the measuring results in protocols and in the video images,

software includes calculation module for free surface energy

high accurate dosing unit with large volume

Automatic dosing and drop placement unit, drop volume reproducibility ±0,1µl



SURFTENS application

Free Surface energy of substrates and layers used in semiconductor technology as well as wetting behavior can be determined by contact angle measurement. Measuring the contact angle allows you to quickly optimize new process steps as well as to better standardize known processes. Small changes in the surface property of wafers are seen as large, easily detected changes in the contact angle.

Therefore, the contact angle measurement belongs to the standard process control methods in many semoconductor fabs.

Technical parameters

Video-Based Automatic Contact Angle Meter


Contact angle measuring device for the fully automatic measurement of the wetting behaviour of solids (e.g. wafers or glass substrates for flat panel displays) under clean-room conditions, as well as for series tests and systematic analysis. The SURFTENS automatic enables the reduction of subjective factors and time involved for contact angle measurements in research, quality- and production inspection.


SURFTENS serves for the software-controlled measurement and analysis of:


the wetting behaviour on solid surfaces

Static and dynamic contact angle measurement according to the Sessile drop method

Calculation of the surface and interfacial tension from the sessile drops

Calculation of the surface free energy of solids and their components according to the theory of Wu


The SURFTENS automatic consists of the basic instrument with the following technical equipment:


Single needle support with vertical and horizontal positioning,

Measuring stage, for fully automatic accurate sample positioning,

telecentric measuring lens,

Video measuring system with high-resolution CCD-camera,

Illumination with continuously adjustable intensity for a homogeneous back lighting,

Control and measuring electronics for the teach-in procedure, graphic display with keyboard and video display

Power supply by PC

The software SURFTENS 4.2 developed for Windows

Control of the sample position in X-, Y-direction, the needle position in Z-direction,




Measurement options


manual measurement of contact angles of liquids on surfaces

automatic (grey tone based) measurement of contact angles of liquids on surfaces

software module for calculation of free surface energy of solids by the measured contact angles by polar and non polar component (theory of Wu / OWRK)

real time representation of the contact angle at the live video image

real time measurement of the time dependent contact angle

measurement with needle in the drop (dynamic contact angle)


Technical data SURFTENS automatic


Measuring field (200 x 200)mm,

Position accuracy ± 0.05 mm in the sample level,

Range of contact angle measurement 1 … 180°

± 0.5° measuring accuracy of the video system

Measuring methods: Sessile Drop method

Clean-room classification 100 (better on inquiry)

4 axis stepper motor controller with micro step by step operation