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Products > Optics Test Equipment > MTF-Measurement for Endoscopes

Manual measureng system for endoscope MTF for all kind of lens / eyepiece angles


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Fast, easy and accurate measurement of MTF on axis and in the image field


The setup is based on modular single components. The components can be arranged according the endoscope type (angle between light entry and eyepiece) on the breadboard.


The components are:


breadboard as ground plate

adjustable light source with filters and testchart,

measuring microscope with camera,

x/yz- positioning system for measuring microscope,

specimen holder,

software MTF explorer for MTF measurement


All components are manually adjustable. The image field position is measured by a mechanical gauge.


The measurement and evaluation is performed using the software »MTF Explorer. »MTF Explorer« is an image processing system with functions for measurement of MTF, ESF and LSF.

The MTF can be measured from the live-camara image or from saved images.

20 years experience in the field of MTF-measurement

Since the founding of the company in year 1991 OEG GmbH works in the field of measurement of MTF and optical parameters. We supply a wide range of optics test equipment and are able to perform many measuring services in our laboratories.

Many famous optics manufacturers belong to our customers.


MTF-Measurement for Endoscopes