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Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

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Products > Optics Test Equipment > Electronic Autocollimator

OEG GmbH specializes in the use of autocollimators, collimators and telescopes for special applications in optical measurement technology in the wavelength range from 380nm to 1550nm (SWIR)


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Laptop with live-videoimage of the measuring signal. Possible problems become immediately visible (e.g. vignetting).

Window with representation of the current measured value as hair cross (with announcement of the point of reference) or as numerical value.

Autocollimation head with direct connection of the USB-camera for data acquisition.



Real time display of the current hair cross position in relation to the reference position as numerical value (reference position freely selectable)

Real time representation of the current hair cross position in relation to the reference position (reference position can set on any point)

Simultaneous real time display of hair cross position, reference position and numerical values.

data acquistion with digital USB 2.0-camera

1,3 megapixel resolution (standard, other resolutions on inquiry)

Resolution of angle measurement ‹0.1 arcsec (depending from the focal length and free aperture)

focal length range 90mm to 1100mm

free aperture 28mm or 50mm

Representation of the measuring signal as live video on the laptop monitor

additional representation of graphic hair crosses (e.g. point of reference and current hair cross position)

Representation of the measuring signal as angle value in different units

Zoom function

Measured value tables

Production and print out of freely configurable metrology records

Expenditure of the measured values over RS232 and numerous software interfaces

Announcement of tolerance fields

extensive accessories (mounting plates, basis mirror, stands, laser resolution for fast rough adjustment)

Graphic operators interface

The graphic user surface possesses many advantages in relation to visual autocollimators. It makes fatigue-free working possible and offers different representation possibilities.


At the autocollimation head both digital USB cameras of most diverse resolutions and standard video cameras can be attached.


The software offers numerous functions for the use in optical applications (cementing, deflection angle, wedge angle in the transmitted light/reflection).


For the measurement of straightness and flatness the software offers a direct interface via clipboard to the proven software ELCOLEVEL.


A direct interface to ELCOLEVEL will be available soon on.