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Image processing software for dimensional measurements, motorized measuring microscopes and fully automatic measuring machines


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The OEG GmbH offers a wide range of measuring microscopes and is focussed on customized solutions.

Here are some examples.

Drawing die measuring microscope

Accuracy: 1 micron

Measuring functions: diameter, roundness, area

Manual Measuring microscopes

(200 x 200)mm stroke

25mm fine positioning

angle fine adjustment for specimen table

numerous microscopes adaptable

video measuring system adaptable

specimen table adaptable to specimen demands

Motorized Measuring Microscopes

3 motorized axes

(100 x 100) mm stroke of the x/y-table

200 mm stroke of focus

incident and transmitted light possible

cameras up to 5MPix (1,3 MPix standard)

wide range of optics adaptable

measurement with cross stage or in the the image field



Motorized Measuring Microscope

3 motorized axes

(1000 x 1000) mm stroke of the x/y-table

50 mm stroke of focus

incident and transmitted light possible

cameras up to 5MPix (1,3 MPix standard)

wide range of optics adaptable

measurement with cross stage or in the the image field


Special software: scans automatically the outlien of the object and provides DXF-File

MZM 1 - The Mono-Zoom-Microscope

For a continous change in lower magnifications our MZM 1 with a zoom ratio of 5 offers widest opportunities in object fields and working distances. The mono-optical path is absolutely vertical adjusted.




Because of its large field of view and the compact construction the MZM 1 is useable in all sections of technical production, especially for highest quality control.

All advantages of this microscope are reached when object identification is necessary at once.

The MZM 1 is designed to be suitable for use either as a table top model or for fitting onto machines. Encouraged by a variaty of accessoires as illumination units, optional achromats and eyepieces as the possibility of photografic and video image documentation it ensures a perfect adjustment to meet the expected demands.


Applications and accessories


View in Incident and transmitted light

Easy connection to machines

continuous change of magnification 0.8x … 4x

Supplementary lenses: 0.25x / 0.5x / 0.63x / 2.0x / 5.0x

Monocular und Binocular View

Eyepiece GF-P 10x / 18, Eyepiece GF-P 10x / 18, GF-P 16x / 12,5, GF-P 16x / 12,5, changeable

connections for micro photography and CCD cameras

different measuring tables

software for the image processing and -documentation


Technical Data:



Eyepiece 10x

Eyepiece 16x

Eyepiece 25x

Total magnification

40x … 200x

63x … 320x

100x … 500x

Zoom factor

5 : 1

5 : 1

5 : 1


8x … 40x

8x … 40x

8x … 40x


45 mm … 1,6 mm

45 mm … 1,6 mm

45 mm … 1,6 mm

Working Distance

26 mm … 132 mm

26 mm … 132 mm

26 mm … 132 mm

Max. Magnification

4x … 125x

4x … 125x

4x … 125x

Max.Working Distance

147 mm

147 mm

147 mm

Adj. range of the microscope drive

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

Microscopes with manual specimen positioning and image processing software

All microscopes possess an adapter for a CCD camera. Thus the equipment of every microscope with an image processing system is problem-free possible.

The image processing system makes the representation of the live-image for the camera possible on the PC monitor.

Optionally also the simultaneous visual observation is possible by auxiliary optics.

The image processing system can be equipped with most different cameras (analog cameras and digital megapixel cameras). The measuring software possesses different equipment degrees and prices. The entrance for an adequate measuring and documentation software begins with 400 EUR.


You can download a full version free of charge here and test 14 days >

You receive more information to the image processing system here >

Inspection and measuring workstation


For these workstations inspection tables with most different positioning ranges are available.

Different lighting can be used.

As imaging optics the entire pallet at technical microscopes (TM1, TM2, MZM1) is available.

In principle all equipment characteristics of the visual microscope types are available equally for the devices with BV system.


Gladly we are to you for a telephone consultation at the disposal.


Applications and accessories


View in Incident and transmitted light

Easy connection to machines

different microscope types (TM 1, TM2, MZM1)

Monocular and Binocular View

connections for micro photography and CCD cameras

different measuring and inspection tables

software for the image processing and -documentation

Measuring microscopes with stepper motor controller, image processing system and motorized table

The OEG GmbH supplies complete motor controlled microscopes, particularly with customized equipment. The microscopes possess the following basic components


Microscope and/or telecentric measuring objective mounted at motor-driven z-axis

The microscope is adapted in its enlargement as well as regarding the assigned lighting to the item under test.


Cross table*


The cross table positions the sample and is adapted regarding measuring field to the specimen size. Further the assigned lighting must be considered. View in Incident and transmitted light are possible.


Stepper motor controller


The CONTROLLER possesses 3 axles (x/y for the cross table and z for the focus). For the interactive use it possesses a Joystick.


Image processing system with CCD camera (alternatively analogue or digital) and Frame Grabber (only for analogue cameras), PC with 19«-Monitor

The Frame Grabber digitizes the camera signal for the further processing in the PC. The Frame Grabber is steered by the software and is in a PCI Slot of the PC's. With the use of digital cameras is made the connection to the PC by USB 2.0.




The software controls the image processing system and the stepper motor controller. It possesses standard measuring functions. Special measuring functions can be supplied if necessary. The software is to be described in the following one more near.


*For simpler measuring tasks possibly different components are needed not or not in the described equipment. Then the system can be more simply developed.



Example: Measuring microscopes with stepper motor controller and image processing system


In fig. (right) you can see a measuring microscope with the following features:


Measuring optics here: telecentric measuring objective TMO1x with integrated CCD camera (can be adapted to most diverse sample requirements)

PC with monitor Frame Grabber (PCI-board, installed in the PC) measuring software MAGEO installed in the PC

LED-Ring light 66 mm diameter

Scanning table Here: 100 x 100 mm

Motorized z-axis, 500 mm travel (standard)

Adapter for Measuring-optics according cross table

Joystick part of the 3-Axis stepper motor controller stepper motor controller is installed in the PC (PCI-board) stepper motor controller posesses micro step by step operation (40,000 steps per revolution)

Stable mechanical basic frame with integrated adjustable transmitted LED-lighting


Ordering number and prices you can see in the price list. The price list you can request here:


Order price list