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Products > measuring systems for drawing dies and punches > URP 100: universal gauge for ironing rings, punches, necking dies and knockouts

URP is the universal measuring system for rings and punches, special designed for 2-piece beverage can manufacture.


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URP 100 constists of:




URP 100, measuring an ironing die for 2-piece beverage can manufacture

high resolution optical measuring system

motorized z-stage 400mm for exact positioning of specimen table

motorized autofocus for measuring optics

stepper motor controller for 2 axis

computer for data acquisition and process control, soft- and hardware installed

Flat Panel Monitor

Windows Software for device control, data akquisition and -evaluation

Windows software for punch tolerance model development according drawing

Measuring functions

URP 100: Fast and easy change to punch measurement

Inside diameter of ironing rings and necking dies (for necking dies special adapter necessary)

roundness of inside diameter by measurement of diameter in different azimuths (manual rotation of specimen)

Outside diameter of punches and knockouts (z-position freely choosable)

step (automatic motorized measurement)

roundness of outside diameter of punches (by manual rotation)

outside contour of punches and comparison with tolerance model

Technical parameters*

suitable for all rings with inside land (edge), usually used for beverage can manufacture

outside diameter range of specimen 110…200mm (ouside diameter is not measured!)

for necking die and knockout measurement special adapters are necessary

Inside diameter measuring range: 40 mm … 100 mm**

outside diameter measuring range: 40 mm … 100 mm**

Resolution of measuring system: 0,05 µm

Accuracy inside diameter / roundness: ± 2 µm***

Additionally necessary

Master rings and master punches***


* These parameters apply to the standard device and can be adapted to different diameters.


** manual adjustment of diameter by operator, stepless between 40mm and 100mm


*** certified master ring for calibration required






URP 100

Overview can tool measuring systems

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