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© OEG GmbH 2015

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© OEG GmbH 2015

Reliable measuring instrument for contact angle, SFE and surface tension with many options like motorized dispenser, multi dispenser and tilting stage.


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SURFTENS universal



SURFTENS universal

SURFTENS universal basic version with 1 manual dosing unit


The modification of the wetting ability of technical surfaces by special surface treatments becomes more and more common in industry and research. For process characterization, adjustment of technological parameters and production control it is therefore absolutely necessary, to measure the surface free energy objectively and accurately before and after the modification process.

Dosing unit features

-optional equipment with manual or motorized dosing systems

-1-3 dosing systems per device

-manual and motorized dosing systems can be combined

-repeatability of the drop volume: 0.1 µl

-smallest drop volume: 0.2 µl

-optional motorized drop placement for both types of dosing systems



Other features

-Zoom optics

-Lift table, laterally extractable (for easy sample placement)

SURFTENS universal with motorized dosing unit

-Sampling table can be moved laterally to place drops next to each other

-bright, homogeneous long life LED back-lighting

-Camera 1.3 MPixel

-adjustable viewing angle (optional)

-Manual z-axis for exact height adjustment of the dosing system

-Measuring table with 100 mm diameter, 40mm height drive

-Fine drive to focus the zoom optics

-Fine drive for transverse displacement of the zoom optics (for centering the needle in the image field)

-Software for measuring the contact angle and the FSE of solid bodies (corresponds to DIN 55660-2: 2009-07)

-Optional equipment with manual or motorized cross table

-fully automatic measurement of the contact angle with highest accuracy.

-software includes a module for calculation of surface free energy (SFE) using the contact angles of up to 5 test liquids


SURFTENS universal with 2 motorized dosing units



SURFTENS universal with 1 motorized dosing unit and Laptop for device control

SURFTENS universal with motorized double dosing unit


Manual dosing systems

- Own construction especially for the use in contact angle measuring devices

- Production in our own workshop

-Extremely robust construction

-very good dosing accuracy

-Optional glass or disposable syringes



Motorized dosing systems

- Own construction especially for the use in contact angle measuring devices

- Production in our own workshop

-Extremely robust construction

- excellent dosing accuracy

- Own control software, integrated in software for contact angle measurement

- Control via high-quality stepper motor controls

- Disposable syringes can also be used

-Dosing dynamics (µl / s)

-through this precise measurement of the advancing and retreating angle

-Extremely robust construction



Additional modules

-manual or motorized tilting table

-Thermal chamber up to 100 ° C

-Contact angle standard for proof of measuring accuracy

- cross table (either manual or motorized)

-fast USB 3.0 camera up to 3000 fps (if the AOI is restricted)



Special solutions

-Adaptation to special requirements thanks to our own construction and our own workshop

-Software adjustments thanks to our own software development




Watch product video: SURFTENS universal standard version

View product video: SURFTENS universal - automatic version


Download PDF

SURFTENS universal flyer