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Optical metrology · Software development · Image processing

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OEG GmbH – optical measuring systems

OEG GmbH – Ringmaster for can tool measurement

OEG GmbH – Contact angle meter with wafer roboter

OEG GmbH – Optics Test Station

OEG GmbH – Inline MTF Test System MTF Pentatest

OEG GmbH – Wire Drawing Die Measuring Microscope

OEG GmbH – MTF Master

OEG GmbH – Precision Micro Diamond Scriber


High precision optical metrology systems!


Product Overview as PDF



The company OEG was founded in 1991 and works since them successful in the field of development and production of optical metrology system for industrial and research application. OEG is focused on optical non contact measuring systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters.


In the meantime OEG equipment is installed onto all continents.


This fact proves the capabilities and innovation power of the OEG engineers and technicians, the most important capital of the company.


We are proud of hundreds of customers from different industrial branches and educational institutions worldwide. OEG has for example customers in optical-, semiconductor-, machine building-, beverage can- and automotive industrie.


OEG offers a wide range of standard products, based on more than 20 years experience in optical metrology. Based on the standard products we are able to develop fast and effective special solutions with high quality. That we see as our signature feature.


Our core competeneces


Development of basic system principles

mechanical construction

mechanical manufacturing

optics design

software development

assembly, adjustment and calibration





These processes take place completely inside OEG GmbH. In the field of mechanical manufacturing we cooperate closely with local suppliers. OEG can handle the installation and service for the equipment worldwide.


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