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Image processing system


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COMEF is an image processing software with the following functions

image akquisition from numerous cameras (analogue and digital) for live video representation on the PC screen

loading / saving of pictures up to 16 MPixel

particularly suited for measurement of megapixel-images

highly accurate calibration function

highly accurate measuring functions

comfortable lettering of images with measuring marks and -values, rulers and texts

creation of freely configurable measuring protocols


Since over 10 years the video measuring system COMEF worked satisfactorily as industry-spreading solution for highly exact measuring tasks in many applications. COMEF is characterised by a simple handling, an extremely high measuring accuracy and comfortable documentation possibilities.

Simply handling


The user surface of COMEFallows an intuitive operation. Without the study by manuals the user can start immediately with the work. Nevertheless a meaningful manual is a component of the scope of supply.

Measuring functions of the basic module

1. Distance measurement



Measurement of any distances by different measuring modes.

The measurement takes place via setting measuring points manually on the monitor.


The software possesses a function to the automatic edge touching, with which the reproducibility of the measurement can be increased considerably!

2. Angle- and radius measurement



The measurement takes place via setting measuring points manually on the monitor.


The software possesses a function to the automatic edge touching, with which the reproducibility of the measurement can be increased considerably!

3. Length measurement



Here the length of lines with any form can be measured.

The measurement takes place via setting measuring points manually on the monitor.


The software possesses a function to the automatic edge touching, with which the reproducibility of the measurement can be increased considerably!

Software modules

1. Area measurement



The measurement (i.e. the definition of the sample under test) is made by the free choice of the grey tones (0…255).

Two trigger thresholds can be defined. Optionally the object with the largest surface area can be recognized automatically as object.

Smaller particles within the same grey tone range as the sample under test are automatically ignored by this filter.



2. Structure width measurement by greyscales



The width measurement by means of grey tone processing represents an extremely high performance and highly soluble measuring method for linear expanded objects and is available as auxiliary module. It can be used for the distance measurement from edges of all kinds.

That concerns e.g. the measurement the width of circuit paths, the distance and the width of structures on SI-Wafers and photomasks or other edge distances.

During the width measurement does not take place the measurement any longer at the video picture, but on the basis of standardized grey tone distributions, which can be determined by freely selectable object fields. As can be shown easily, with this method the reproducibility can be increased up to pixel/10, which is the classical subpixel-accuracy.

3. Automatic object classification and counting



The software module ACOUNT is able to detect and classify automatically objects in the measuring field. Most frequently a classification is interesting by the size of the surface of the objects.

ACOUNT is able to determine automatically the number of objects, which belong to the pre-defined size classes. The objects are dyed in the picture according to their class allocation. A protocol is produced automatically.

The size classes are free from the user to define. Other classifiers are possible to define. An operational area is for example the cleanliness analysis of filters.

4. AutoShape – Automatic measurement of shape coordinates (Shape-Finder)



AutoShape is an image processing module for the automatic measurement of peripheral point coordinates. Autoshape finds automatically by grey tone algorithms the distance from a point of reference inside the item under test to its edge.

It is measures on lines by the point of reference in a freely selectable graduation.

The coordinates of the found peripheral points are spent. The point of reference represents thereby the origin. The preparation of biological objects leads every now and then to the fact that no continuous edge is visible (fig. 1).

For these cases AutoShape possesses a manual correction option for the found measuring points. Fig. 2 shows the result of the automatic edge search at a water flea. Since the outside edge is visible with very bad contrast only by the piece, the software finds first different points inside the object.

The operator can however the correct peripheral points well interpolate and with the help of the mouse the wrongly found points along the datum line shift until they are positioned on the edge (fig. 3).

The expenditure of time, to arrive from fig. 2 at fig. 3 amounts to approx. 1–2 minutes. The software supplies the angledependent distance of the bound line from the point of reference as result. These data stand for free subsequent treatment for order.

5. Automatic Measurement of stages heights or ditch depths



COMEF Autofocus consists of the basic module with integrated stepping motor controller. It possesses autofocus functions for 2 separated measuring windows. For this application a special hardware is necessary. See in addition also our complete offers within the range of measuring microscopes.

An automatic measuring sequence makes the measurement possible of stages heights or ditch depths. The software focuses successively automatically onto both measuring fields. The pictures right show the two focus positions for the automatic measurement of a ditch depth.

The depth measurement by the focus is very durable in relation to surface properties of the test specimen. It makes very exact levellings possible (1 µm with objective 20x) with standard microscope equipment.

6. Automatic ring measurement



The auxiliary module Ring Measurement serves the smallest and largest wall thickness of rings and tubes for the automatic measurement. Simultaneous the largest (Dmax) and the smallest (Dmin) outside diameter is measured. Oval shape results from Oval = (Dmax – Dmin).

The software module works highly exact with grey tone algorithms.

The measuring functions are expandable, for example on the automatic measurement of the internal diameter.


Other special software modules can be developed on customer request.


Imaging optics

COMEF is not limited in certain imaging optics. It is equally suitable for the employment in connection with any microscopes and any objectives and optics of all kinds.

For your complete solutions OEG offers a variety at microscopes, objectives and the development of special solutions.


Information for this finds you within the range of measuring microscopes.

Image sources

As image sources as well analog- as digital cameras can be used.

Interfaces are:


fire wire boards

USB 2.0 bus

Twain interface


For standard analogue video camera we offer a range of frame grabbers for real time video digitizing.

Accuracy starts with calibration

COMEF offers the optimal condition for the highly exact measurement of digital picture information with its sub pixel accurate calibration functions. The calibration can be made alternatively in one or in two dimensions and is very simple despite the high accuracy to accomplish.

The calibration data are stored in a calibration data base and can be assigned by keywords clearly to different enlargements or optics.

Easy and comfortable Image documentation

In connection with the comfortable possibilities for the picture inscription with measuring markings, measuring data, rulers and texts COMEF becomes the ideal aid with the picture documentation.

The results of measurement can be registered very easily together with the measuring marking into the picture. With COMEF all possibilities of electronic media are open to you.

Taylormade measuring records

A substantial component of the COMEF basic module are the freely configurable metrology records. They make it possible to make for different measuring tasks particularly adapted protocol templates to store and again use if necessary immediately.

A metrology record can be supplemented after the measurement with free text. In addition, the measured values are to be stored as ASCII file, whereby an interface is given to other applications.

MAGEO: COMEF with integrated cross table measuring functions for 3 axles

The OEG GmbH is specialized in the automation of measuring expirations and supplies solutions from the simple interactive stepping motor interface to fully automatic measuring machines.

The software MAGEO is an inexpensive, simple and universal application of software. It be based on the COMEF basic module and possesses additionally an interface for a 3-axis stepper motor controller.

Interactively the measuring functions distance/angle/radius can be accomplished by means of stepper motor driven cross table. Further a coordinate transformation (measurement in workpiece coordinates) and the storage of measuring points are possible.

The stored coordinates can be called successively or in arbitrary order and started again. A classical application is the controlling of a cross table and a focus axle (e.g. a measuring microscope).

This solution makes both the measurement for the lateral expansion possible of objects over a large measuring distance and depth measurements with an accuracy of approximately 1µm.

The interactive sample positioning takes place by means of joystick.


More information are available the the area Measuring Microscopes. >

From the retrofitting to the complete solution

The video measuring system COMEF is outstanding suitable for the retro fitting of existing microscopes or other imaging optics.

The OEG GmbH offers just as complete solutions consisting of the image processing system as well as a particularly adapted imaging optics with lighting, camera technology and if necessary a motorized positioning system.

We are able to react flexibly to customer's requests and to adapt the software perfectly to setting of tasks. This refers not only to software to the image processing but also to communication with external devices, the control of stepping motors and cross tables as well as the data administration and data base binding.

OEG offers the entire capacity from one hand from the retrofitting of existing microscopes up to complete solutions. We guarantee for the perfect system integration of all components and for the perfect later service.

Prices & download

COMEF is characterized by the following features


simply handling

highly measuring accuracy

modular structure

comfortable documentation functions

Entrance price starting from 400 EUR for an adequate software for measuring and documenting


Here you can download a COMEF-demoversion with the complete functionality.

This test version is valid for 14 days.

In order to transform the test version into a valid license, you need a Dongle.

We send the Dongle away after receipt of an appropriate written order or after receipt of payment on our account. With the Dongle the measuring functions ordered by you are activated.


Download demo version COMEF >


Ordering number and prices you can see in the price list. The price list you can request here:


Order price list

PDF-Files for short decription and application reports


COMEF measuring functions

COMEF measuring accuracy

Workstation for measurement of small parts 1

Workstation for measurement of small parts 2

Application report for measurementen of printed circuit board

COMEF complete